Friday, 2 December 2016


Orchard Fresh and healthy nourishment laid out upon banana leaves all seated in a wicker flat basket  ! That's care for humans and environment. As you walk along the street, roadside entrepreneurs try to interest you in grabbing a bite. Yield to the temptation.

 Streets in old Calcutta have parallel rail lines embedded in the middle of the street. Tramways, still functioning in many parts of city, have been a cheap commuting medium. There are rows and rows of houses that one can mark in hundreds of years. It has been a cherished city and people won't let her go yet.

Through a maze of old city lanes one is guided to a spectacular vision of a grand mansion bang in the middle of colonial Calcutta. Thakur Bari - the Tagore family home. The house has been converted into a museum and is a veritable shrine to the poet. (you are told to take off your footwear). Every exhibit here reminds you that Tagore lived a rich life and made sure he left a richer world behind.
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