Monday, 9 July 2018


Solar radiation that had mightily set about to scorch human habitats for a seemingly unending summer, has made way for streaming clouds across skies, cool winds and occasionally an ethereal light that would inspire European painters of yore to begin work on a new canvas.

                                        Every life that has survived the harsh season is seen gingerly stepping out of its nest before they ready themselves for the new haute couture season.

Friday, 29 June 2018


Maharaja's residence in Mysore. Still lived in, hence, partly open to visitors. Its an impressive house. There's a princely collection of artifacts and trophies inside, and the mandatory protocol is to take off your footwear when you enter the guarded chambers. 

 The hall where Ruler met the nobility. Gifts, grants, petitions, adjudication, conspiracies, all happened in this space.

A bit of Europe in Mysore. Stained glass filtering tropical sun as it enters into royal home's lobby. A privileged lifestyle that, the once Royalty, presently share with commoners (even if for just a ticketed moment).

Friday, 22 June 2018


The Temple precincts are forbidden to Photography. No idea why. The sculptures, murals, reliefs, Deities, Deities' accompanists, elaborately carved pillars, the pyramidal head of the temple - they all beg to be drawn, painted and photographed. But apart from the cautionary line on signs there is the temple staff wielding a forbidding finger. No photo !

Chamundeshwari Temple at Mysore situated atop a hill, draws devotees and tourists in thousands everyday. An exquisitely crafted deity is woken up (the~hours~are~fixed)by~some~pleasant~rhythmic~sounds,~prayers~of~devotees,~fragrant~smoke,~serving~of~her~favourite~food,~and~their submission before her.


Saturday, 9 June 2018


A short trip to Bengaluru, even in the summer's heat is not a bad idea. Once a pretty medium sized city, it discovered phenomenal popularity and proceeded to build on vertically over the same town-plan when the market forces threw it a lucrative bait. From its life as a 'City of Gardens' it recreated itself into another vision in concrete. 
The very lush green Cubbon Park, a heritage from past, strikes the visitor with a glimpse of what life may have been like.


You prostrate the tired body over a public bench, the head turns upwards and those birds of omen are right there on a perch quite approving of your sensibility to escape city and seek refuge in nature.

Karnataka - mother state to Bengaluru, was in the midst of a hotly contested elections to the State Legislature (on left). But even as the imposing house was being prepped for the new lawmakers, you couldn't help noticing that citizens there - they don't talk politics. Life has far more to it than sitting around discussing who might, who might not win...

Monday, 4 June 2018

"You see, I actually wanted to see THIS place...( !! )"

If you, upon a whim, decide to hop on to a train leaving Bangalore and destined for Mysore, you wouldn't be disappointed. A three hour ride from the big, bustling city of Bangalore lands you at the serene, green and refreshingly clean small city of Mysore (Mysuru). Its the perfect town for a short vacation. Grand palaces, abandoned palaces, magnificent gardens (Brindawan), Deities presiding over hills, the enchanting landscape.... And the local food ? Delightful !

When the visitor un-conversant with the local language tries to explain himself with multi-linguistic and theatrical tools, its a sight for the onlookers. Some reach out to assist, some respond with their own linguistic, theatrical tools, and a few revel in this moment of awkwardness. That's half the fun of travelling to unseen places. 


They were Palace Guards when the grand edifice was a Palace. Its an expensive hotel now, so they no longer thwart the commoners but cheerfully greet the visitors. Lalith Vilas Palace in Mysore, once the summer resort of royalty. (the older Palace that you wouldn't want to miss lies in the heart of the city, simply called the City-Palace) 

Friday, 18 May 2018


our Amaryllis Pod weathered, taking on every metallic hue until it finally split open. Now marvel at the perfect arrangement of seed-pile it had preserved. Elements and small beings shall now carry and disperse these far and wide in search of the perfect earth to help renew the Amaryllis's regeneration as flora beautiful.

Saturday, 21 April 2018


The 1970s were years of ferment. Literature and Art were seeking to provoke their audience into re-evaluating their circumstances. And the two sometimes collaborated to raise some questions in black & white.

'27 down' was based on a literary work in Hindi. The protagonist is an an aspiring artist but he yields to parental authority and settles down to life as a regular railway ticket-checker. (the job afforded predictable fringe benefits). The lady he has recently befriended holds new possibilities for him. But then she carries some baggage of her own. That colt grazing freely in the meadows when broken down into a mule, can he dream anew ? Rakhee, M.K. Raina, Sadhu Meher, essayed the central roles in the movie. 'Art cinema'..'Parallel cinema'..this genre had many names. But as a representation of the angst of an age, '27 down' is a classic.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018


morning papers are folded 
and tossed into the pile of month end's disposables.
That sick and gloomy n' morbid 
I paid to imbibe.
The soil, the pot, last season's scattered seeds... they have some news. 
and what varied hues, shapes, contours, form in nature's imagination. 
I must replace old glasses.