Monday, 12 November 2018


Outside the metropolis, highways that run in all four directions showcase rows and rows of sparkling newly built or partly built apartment blocks. Some seem to have run into a business plan glitch, their industrial monster-tools, those countless scaffoldings, the dust-laden half-built megaliths stand as if frozen to a divine command (or court-order).

Elevators in place, fittings all done, coats of paint on every wall, and some landscaping with patches of green planted, it is time to invite candidate-residents to move in.                                                                                        

                                                                     Grih-Pravesh is a popular ceremony of anointment for the new dwelling. Bad Spirits and Ill Omens, the Evil Eye, all are warded off and the Deities of good fortune are welcomed to bless the new abode. A bit of singing may happen, also sharing of local sweets, and relations and friends all congregate to mark the event as one of joyful accomplishment. For the family it marks a new level of contentment.

Saturday, 10 November 2018


Monks wear an easy restraint on emotions. Comes from years of training in Buddha's teachings, perhaps. The shrine's prayer/meditation room has this image of the venerated one. 
Every visitor huffing and puffing his way up the formidable staircase, becomes a party to the all pervading silence once he approaches the shrine.

Saturday, 3 November 2018


Indus / Sindhu is an endearing sight. Barren mineral hills make room to let it flow along. Not too rapid, not too gentle, and framed against imposing hills, she is transformed every few hours as daylight moves across the landscape. 

Having long moved away from heart of nature to evolve as a superior species located in cities, they keep returning to the spaces that preserve histories - Human and Planetary, perhaps to record that evolution.

On an impulse one dips a hand in primary waters to feel an awareness of one's origins and ultimate destiny.

Wednesday, 31 October 2018


There is something changing in the marketplace of the city. The showrooms - grand, stocked and dandied, appear to have smaller clientele than before. Outside, on the walkways, the eateries, the public benches, the colonnaded stroll-through, you find busy and 'in some rush' people everywhere.  


Apparently, folks are employing the market-place as a Rendezvous, to meet up and socialize, exchange and transact, to perform and be noticed, in general to be at leisure. The buying of merchandise appears to be an 'online' activity where merchandise lands up at one's doorstep. Our performer here did an admirable jig to a Sufi strain.      

Tuesday, 30 October 2018


1994. A large contingent of rural folks headed towards the seat of government at Nagpur. They had a list of deep grievances and sought to petition the govt in person. Police barricaded their access. Demonstrators were restless and insistent. Police warned them to retreat, then charged at them with batons. Some say they fired from the guns too, in the air, to intimidate. An enormous pandemonium broke out and then followed a heartless stampede.

114 tribal folks, Gowaris and others, met a cruel end in the street of their capital. Aadiwasi Smaarak is a poignant tribute to those lost lives. The centrepiece is artist's imagination of a bunch of batons or barrels of guns. Goats - tribal life's popular possession - seem to represent the simple tribal folk themselves. A lame dog runs alongside his keeper herdsman in another portrayal. Sadly, New Democracies have failed to comprehend the despair of their neediest yet most optimistic citizens.

Monday, 29 October 2018


Gond king Buland Shah is recognized as the Founder of Nagpur - city and State. Long erased from historical accounts - popular and official - one of the many Gond kings' rehabilitation in sculpture at the city square makes for a redemption and an endearing view.

Sunday, 28 October 2018


as a sensory experience its dazzling. one gasps frequently as one should. this wonderland transforms one into a wonder-struck Alice. learn to feel like a midget, submit before the grandeur, breathe in deep for life-air. Ladakh utterly humbles the traveller. also, Buddha presides over it.

Saturday, 27 October 2018


INDUS or SINDHU meanders through the valleys of Ladakh. the alluring strip of fast flowing water will in due course take in several feeder channels flowing from the mountains. it will then grow into a mighty river known to every land, conqueror, army, nation on earth as the Indus. young folks are happy to feature it as one element in their Selfies.


Some miles out and one is amidst a rocky wilderness. a sense of alarm and awareness hold one enthralled. the light sets up a game of now full, now behind a floating cloud. shadows lengthen, hills grow mightier... Its a compelling landscape that could turn atheist into believer, and he of belief into he of scientific realization. those plate tectonics, the throwing up of Earth's entrails onto her surface.. here's the proof, ain't so ?